Zerona Requires a Low-Level Laser

The technological know-how behind the low-level or cold laser process used by Zerona was produced by Erchonia, the global leader in healthcare and aesthetic laser technologies. Zerona is the first of its kind in utilizing this non-invasive low-level laser technology for effective body slimming and contouring without any negative side effects.

The company has been developing the use of low-level lasers for health care during the past fifteen years and has proven their safety and effectiveness through independent scientific trials. The laser technology behind Zerona was studied carefully by Erchonia, with all research finished and publicized in peer-reviewed journals.

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Exactly what is the Usual Treatment Course for Zerona?

Each treatment using the Zerona procedure would continue for approximately forty minutes and depending on the aimed excess fat reduction, a Zerona treatment would typically require six sessions rendered within a 2-week period, not exceeding seventy two hours in between visits. But unlike intrusive treatments like liposuction, patients will not feel any kind of pain or irritation during Zerona treatments.

A regular Zerona treatment session will set the low level laser devices focusing on the waist, hips and thigh areas. The method is relaxing and will not hold back patient movements. Most if not all will certainly sense absolutely nothing throughout the whole treatment session, but will also feel bio-stimulated and lighter afterwards. The patients will afterwards be given a specific eating plan and lifestyle directions to attain optimum and permanent results.

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Zerona is Prescribed for Individuals who are not Overweight but Desire to Lose Inches

While Zerona was created to decrease the size of fat cells by emptying them out of liquefied excess fat, it is not essentially aimed at individuals who are obese and also have large sections of fat. The perfect prospects for a Zerona process are people who have a hard time eliminating pockets of body fat in certain areas of the body, specially the waist, hips and legs, in spite of prior attempts of exercising and dieting.

However, it needs to be grasped that Zerona is not intended as a replacement for dieting and healthy exercise, but has in fact integrated maintaining a healthy diet and regular physical exercises as a component of the overall Zerona treatment solution protocol, aside from consuming lots of water and keeping away from caffeine and alcohol. So, it’s probably the best to consult with a Zerona-certified physician first so all of your queries about the treatment method can be answered.

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It’s Very Simple to Set a Zerona Appointment

If you’re truly interested in locating a trained Zerona doctor in your locality and then schedule a meeting, the quickest approach is to view, which happens to be Zerona’s official website for locating accredited medical professionals. You can actually tap into Zerona’s database and find a skilled doctor near your area.

Setting an appointment with any one of the trained Zerona doctors is really easy. All you should do is search based on your present city, state and zip code and the listing will present you with all available doctors that satisfy your search criteria. Then you can map out the Zerona certified doctor’s location or get in touch through the Contact Us tab.

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How Do I Locate a Trained Zerona Specialist?

The revolutionary effects many people have been experiencing after having a set of treatments using Zerona cold lasers has built a significant stir in the healthcare industry. Thousands of physicians and medical professionals, specifically those seeking safe and non-invasive alternatives for slimming and fat burning, have been made aware of the advantages Zerona can deliver.

Right now, greater than a thousand medical professionals in the United States are certified to operate Zerona and there could be one practicing close to your area. You should check out the Zerona Localized Sites and choose a trained Zerona medical professional close to your own locality by logging in to the official site. You can check out the showcased Zerona doctors and find their clinics, or you can signup through the website to search for a best suited match for you.

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Zerona Makes Use of a Low-level Cool Laser Treatment Process

Zerona makes use of a low-level laser treatment therapy that’s been established as a safe and non-intrusive alternative for liposuction treatment. But in contrast to other non-intrusive techniques, the cold laser devices in Zerona do not induce cell tissues to warm up that can be very uncomfortable for the patient.

The cool laser technology used in Zerona has been proven to liquefy fat which will then be extracted from fat cells producing a reduced cell size. The process will not cause discoloration, swelling and harm to adjacent tissues. The treatment needs zero anesthesia and will trigger no distress, letting patients to assume normal activities right after each treatment.

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Just How Does Zerona Work?

Zerona gets results by submitting an individual to low level laser therapy to induce unnecessary fat to liquefy. During this procedure, fat cell walls become temporarily porous for 48 hours permitting melted fat to drain out and accumulate in the empty areas surrounding the cells. There are no invasive processes involved nor are there any surgical procedures required which can often cause pain and the possibilities of additional complications.

While the melted body fat is removed from the cells, the cells would shrink and become smaller. The extracted fat will then be soaked up by the body’s lymphatic system where it will then be metabolized by the liver and taken from your body through a natural detoxing process.

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Zerona is Provided by Over One Thousand Health-related Specialists in the USA

Just like the over 80,000 men and women in the Us who already benefitted from Zerona, more folks can have a harmless, pain-free, non-invasive and FDA-certified technique administered by any if not all of the over 1,000 healthcare specialists trained with the use of Zerona. These physicians are willing to share this newfound risk-free and effective tool for slimming and body shaping.

Doctors have the inherent tendency of searching for better, safer and much more effective ways of giving what their customers would need by means of a risk-free and cost-effective method. With the excitement surrounding the many advantages Zerona supply, a lot more medical professionals are starting to be conscious of how this non-invasive procedure could very well be a sensible alternative to liposuction and other similar risky surgeries.

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It’s Possible to Lose Inches with the Zerona Process

The Zerona approach is a very safe and proven effective alternative to shed inches and this has been confirmed through a double-blind, randomized, multi-site, and placebo-controlled clinical study. Participating men and women obtained a mean reduction of at least 3.52 ” which is certainly far better in comparison to the 1/2 inch average loss from the placebo set.

It’s important to note however that not everyone will have the same end results as another. It shall all rely on a specific person’s ability to detoxify the emulsified expelled fat wastes that are resultants from the cold laser treatment. The best possible permanent effects can be experienced further by trying to keep a balanced diet and performing consistent exercise routines as an element of the diet and lifestyle protocol strongly recommended by Zerona.

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Zerona is Regarded as a Safe and Non-Intrusive Medical Procedure

Zerona is undoubtedly an amazing cutting edge replacement for liposuction treatment that makes use of a low level or cold laser method. There will not be any invasive processes necessary, with no surgical procedures, pain-free without any complications. There would be no requirements for anesthesia, bandages, ointments, compression garments, skin gels, numbing agents, as well as sharp needles. Immediately after the treatment process, the subject will be presented with a specialized diet program and lifestyle standard in order to get ideal and long-term results.

Launched in the year 2008 as an off-label slimming equipment, Zerona was allowed a 510k market certificate by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the year 2010 for usage as a non-intrusive dermatological aesthetic solution for circumferential reduction of hips, waist, and thighs after confirming the reasonable reassurance of its safety and capability.

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