Zerona is Regarded as a Safe and Non-Intrusive Medical Procedure

Zerona is undoubtedly an amazing cutting edge replacement for liposuction treatment that makes use of a low level or cold laser method. There will not be any invasive processes necessary, with no surgical procedures, pain-free without any complications. There would be no requirements for anesthesia, bandages, ointments, compression garments, skin gels, numbing agents, as well as sharp needles. Immediately after the treatment process, the subject will be presented with a specialized diet program and lifestyle standard in order to get ideal and long-term results.

Launched in the year 2008 as an off-label slimming equipment, Zerona was allowed a 510k market certificate by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the year 2010 for usage as a non-intrusive dermatological aesthetic solution for circumferential reduction of hips, waist, and thighs after confirming the reasonable reassurance of its safety and capability.

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